What To Know When You Go To Your Very First Vape Shop

25 August 2021
 Categories: Smoking, Blog


Vapes are a very popular product these days, and many people use them for a variety of reasons. Some simply enjoy the taste and texture, others are trying to wean themselves off of regular cigarettes, and others just want to try it out. If you fall into the last category, then there are a few things that you should know before you head into your first vape shop so that you aren't too confused by all your options. It can be an overwhelming experience, and you don't want to leave with the wrong items, so here are a few pointers and bits of advice.

Utilize The Starter Kits

Virtually every vape shop will have some sort of beginner package with everything you need to get started. These will often be the most basic machines, but they are also the simplest to use and set up. Conveniently, they will generally be the cheapest vapes that you will find, especially if they come with some sort of deal, which many companies do to get new customers interested. Don't try and figure out the many complexities of vaping on your first trip to the store, get what you came for so you can experiment and find out what you prefer for your next, more advanced vape.

Get A Few Different Flavors

Flavor liquids come in many different options, and it can be hard to pick just one. Instead, this is where you should spend a bit more money. Pick and choose a few different types of flavors so you get a broad range to see if you really like vaping. Many people buy a simple vape, one flavor, and hate it so much that they never use it again. They don't realize that the bulk of that bad experience was likely the flavor, not the vape itself. Always make sure that the liquid you get is compatible with your vape, and you can do this just by asking the vape shop attendant. 

Have A Budget, And Stick To It!

You have most likely done quite a bit of research before visiting a vape shop so you know roughly how cheap the beginner kits are, and the flavored liquids too. Bring a set amount of money that you are happy to spend and stick to it. This will make you more economical and help you save money for later when you know more about vaping and can spend the money more efficiently. For now, keep it simple and stick to the basics!