What To Think About When Buying A Pipe For Smoking Pleasure

6 February 2020
 Categories: Smoking, Blog


A pipe can make your smoking experience more enjoyable in many ways. Whether you smoke for recreation or you smoke on the regular, or even if you are new to any type of smoking device, you will quickly learn that the type of pipe you choose matters. Your pipe options vary, from classic wooden tobacco pipes, to glass pipes that are as decorative as they are useful, to other types of pipes for your smoking needs.

Here are things to think about when it comes to buying a pipe for your smoking pleasure. The right pipe will serve you well and give you a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Ease of use

Some pipes, such as chamber hand pipes, are designed for their ease of use as well as functional appeal. The chamber part of a pipe is the area of the pipe that holds and transfers the smoke from the pipe to your mouth so you can get the most appropriate throat hit and flavor fill. You want a pipe that has a rounded chamber for better smoke flow and a wider base for you to inhale from.

Ease of use, particularly with chamber pipes, also applies to how easy a pipe is to clean. Resin from tobacco and other herbs can be hard to clean out of a classic pipe that is hard to dismantle; choose a pipe that is easy to take apart from the base to the mouthpiece for the best experience overall.

Type of material

A classic metal chamber hand pipe is a wise choice and comes in a variety of colors and sizes for your smoking pleasure. You can also consider a glass pipe, which is going to be a solid piece and comes in many colors and sizes as well. A wooden pipe or another natural material pipe can be classic in a more authentic way but can be difficult to use if you want to get a pure throat hit with your tobacco or other type of smoking substance. You'll find that many chamber pipes are made of steel, which is both reliable and versatile in its use while adding to the pleasure of the smoker's habit.

You can buy a chamber pipe at your local smoking supply store. Costs vary depending on the type of pipe you buy, what materials you want it to be made of, and other factors as well.