Three Benefits Of Using Glass Pipes Over Corn Cob And Wooden Pipes

4 October 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog


Artsy glass pipes are more than just pretty things. You can actually use them to smoke. Most people who use a pipe to smoke tobacco tend to shy away from these pipes, worried that they will be interpreted as drug paraphernalia, but glass pipes have gone mainstream now. (That means you really have nothing to worry about.) Additionally, glass pipes have several benefits over wooden pipes and corn cob pipes.

The Glass Pipes Will Never Ignite or Melt

As wooden pipes get old, they tend to ignite along with the tobacco you put in the bowls. Corn cob pipes, even faux corn cob pipes, melt or ignite as well. You have to constantly throw out your old pipes and replace them with new ones.

That does not happen with glass pipes. They definitely will never ignite, since glass has a higher burning temperature than wood or corn cob. Short of chucking these at a wall or dropping them on concrete, you cannot damage them. 

Glass Pipes Stay Pretty When You Clean Them

If you clean a glass pipe after each use, it also remains very pretty, something you cannot say about any other kind of pipe. Wooden pipes are very ordinary, unless the bowls are hand-carved and very ornate, but even these get worn and unattractive after a while. The corn cob pipe is what it is; you could clean it all day, and it still looks like a corn cob. The corn cob pipe is the most utilitarian of all pipes, and you just cannot make it look as pretty as a hand-blown glass pipe.

Glass Pipes Help Hold the Heat of the Ignited Tobacco for a Better Burn

Glass has the ability to warm to a hot source and stay warm for a long time afterward. If you light your bowl of tobacco in a glass pipe, the bowl warms up with the ignited tobacco. As the tobacco continues to burn, the bowl gets warmer and warmer. It stays warm until you have smoked the tobacco to ash. A warmer bowl keeps the tobacco burning evenly, and you get an all-around better, more satisfying smoke.

Go on! Give Glass Pipes a Try

You can buy glass pipes in most smoke shops now. Find one that appeals to you. Test it out with the first smoke. If you do not love the way it works, you can still keep it as a decorative bit of glass art on your shelf.